Invitation to participate in the webinar

Dear friends!

Our webinar is a series of lectures in Ukrainian, German and Russian.

To receive an invitation to participate in the webinar, please write to the organizers at
If you wish, you can indicate in your letter your name, country, and city, as well as your story of acquaintance with Celan poetry and your impressions of it.

We will send a link and instructions for participation.

We also invite you to take part in the project as authors. You can write your own “letter from Kyiv” to a friend on behalf of a person who experienced tragic events in his life, and thus show solidarity with the poet’s drama, with a memory about Holocaust tragedy, or to express your solidarity in a letter in some other form (hereinafter – “Letter”).

Selected letters will be published in a book.

Please, pay attention:

By sending your “Letter”, you declare that it is your own work, and transfer all copyright to your “Letter” to the organizers of the project “Celan. Letter from Kyiv. 2020″, that is the right to reject the publication or edit if your “Letter” will be selected for publication.

We will be grateful if sending your “Letter” you will mention your name and surname or pseudonym, your country and city.