Celan. A Letter from Kyiv. 2020

Welcome to the international interactive art project dedicated to Paul Celan (23.11.1920, Chernivtsi – 20.04.1970, Paris), one of the most prominent poets of the 20th century. The project is based on Celan’s works in German
and translated in Ukrainian by Vasyl Stus, Seghiy Zhadan, Petro Rychlo.



The project starts July, 1, 2020. This date has been chosen for a reason. Celan visited Kyiv in the summer of 1944, after Chernivtsi was liberated by the Soviet Army. His letter from Kyiv to Erich Einhorn is dated July, 1, 1944.
The letter tells about tragic events in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), the poet’s hometown, during World War II, and about the death of his parents and of the people he knew in Nazi concentration camps.

Project goals

Project’s specificity in the context of today’s developments

The project has two parts:
1. Installation
2. Webinar

Some facts about Paul Celan

Celan and Ukraine

Invitation to participate in the webinar